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V6 and Johnny's people in general
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i didn't expect i'll be using LJ again but after knowing Snow Man, i guess i have to drop by here once in a while eh.

anyway -- yeah i think this is the first post in my LJ that i mention Snow Man!

so that's it for now. じゃね!

btw --

-- i have an account over at Dreamwidth so if you guys are interested, just head over there :)
i haven't posted anything yet tho haha.

i'm more spazzy at my tumblr recently so...yeah.

catching up with V6's stuff since 2011 is very exciting but also tiring tbh ahaha.

also! i turned 32 yesterday! man already 32 what even.

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i'm...sorta back?


...okay that's a. BIG. echo.

i guess it's mostly deserted here lately eh?
anyway. if any of my LJ friends here are still, y'know, *here*, hit me up!
or y'know imma be more active elsewhere (twitter...just twitter i think. maybe tumblr too, if i can log in regularly enough) so i you'd want to reconnect or something just. lemme know!

twitter : _aidanaidan_
tumblr : chiisanahito

okay so. yay i'm back! sorta.

i'm back here mainly to get any updates on V6 because FINALLY. slowly, but FINALLY. i have the time to commit AHAHAHA.
well not really but i just miss the happiness V6 (and others too!) brought me beforea and god knows how much i needed that happy fuel now.

not saying i'm in a bad place now but i've felt. quite bad. up and down. these past years. and it hurts.
especially after my mom's passing 2 years ago.
so yep i need this, however small it is, source of joy i had years and years ago.

okay! downloading stuff now -- wish me luck!


I'm a Mrs now! ♥

...hellooo theeere. Anybody?

Well, um so in case somebody's still reading this LJ (man, it's been, like...8 months since the last entry?), I have something to tell you gaiz :

 photo x_DSC_5686_zps3e92a165.jpg

I'm married! ♥
On 15th December 2012, I am officially wife to my (real & living!) first love, Mr Fitri :)
(That's him there on the right in the picture ^) case anyone's interested to have a look at how a Malaysian-Malay wedding is held,
I welcome you to browse through the cut below :3

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I hope everyone gets their happiness sooner or later! ♥

 photo nagano-hee.gif

- - - - - - -

I still dunno whether I can still maintain my translating-for-fun-thing, but do know that I still am interested to have a few things subbed. But mainly old V6 things, if you don't mind...since I am TERRIBLE at catching up on newer/current news! *headdesk*

But in any case, if I get to sub things, I will definitely post them here :)

With much love!

Back from the long absence to tell you guys --

I'm engaged!

- - - - - - -

Sorry for the super-long absence without any notice. I miss everyone! But lately I don't have enough energy to spazz about anything here in LJ. Seriously. I wish I still do because work is not getting easier...but thankfully it's more manageable now :)

And yeah also because more of my time was spent for/with Mr Fiancee ahaha *runs*

Regretfully I have to say that I might not have enough focus & time for translating anymore (been like...6 months since I last tried translating I think? O_O) but if by chance there is a miracle, I will! But for now I would have to focus on this new direction in life somewhat. After everything has settled and done, I'd try to get on pace again with translating! OK? Please forgive me?

Oh and also I am sooo out of pace with Johnny's and V6 and all my fandom! I have nooo ideaaa what's going onnn. It'll be a looong while until I can finally catch up with anything newww. There are times when I miss Go. Ah my cellphone ringtone is still Kamisen's Desert Eagle so his voice is still there whenever someone calls :3

And and and! I turned 25 already in May! Thanks very much and lotsa hugs & love for those that wished me :'3 I love you guysss sooo muchhh! I hope for the best in life for all of you too!

So...I guess that's the only update from me. Dunno when I'll be updating next.

But still, for you who are still following me and wondering about me, thank you very much. I really appreciate it :')

Til the next post!

A Reason to Smile today :
Sleeping in on the weekenddd~
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Greetings and congrats!

Eid Adha greetings to the Muslims around the world :)

- - - - - - -

Happy 16th Anniversary

From here now on too, please continue being your awesome selves!
Thank you for all the laughters and tears since I started knowing you all :)

(there might be another post for this celebration no matter how late I am, depends to my level of laziness haha X3)


「だれが決めた出会いの順番 | やり切れない」 part 3/4

...listening to the lyrics again actually makes me think of one NCIS episode where an escort was 'followed' by her over-jealous boyfriend, and how being an escort, you have to make the client believe he/she's the only one, that it's all a temporary illusion; and that some of the clients can be very obsessive to the point of murdering every other clients.

OK that's getting out of the main point of this song but still...ahaha /shot
Anyways! On to the spam! Only click the cut if you can handle the load! :D

[ Part 3/4 ]


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